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Timeless Treasures
Drawing inspiration from India and Africa, Timeless Treasures embodies the craftsmanship and skill of the cottage industry. With intricate, jewel-like detailing, each design has its own glamorous touch. The patterns include a mix of silky finishes for a drier texture with an emphasis on color, construction and dressmaker details. The statement patterns can stand alone but also work together in a playful combination. A color palette named after precious gemstones exemplifies the rich, saturated tones found globally. Tourmaline uses purple and teal; Sunstone is fuchsia, orange and gold; Jasper combines teal and brown; Gem is navy and red; Opal is an earthy mix of teastain, sand and brown. In keeping with Iman's passion to offer beautiful, luxury product at an affordable price, this ageless collection is a decorator's toolbox filled with treasures inspired by Iman's vast archives of fashion and personal collections.